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Partner Zaštita’s alarm center is the backbone of company’s private security services. Apart from securing facilities by receiving signals and managing interventions, the center operates activities in other security segments provided to its users.

The complete functionality of an alarm system is achieved by connecting it to Partner Zaštita’s alarm center, whose operational crew processes the received alarms coming from the secured facility and responds in accordance with the arrangement with the user. In essence, this means that in case an alarm is triggered, intervention crew is dispatched, and the police and the user are notified.

The benefits of connecting to Partner Zaštita’s alarm center

Security benefits
  • Supervision of the installed alarm system (24/7)
  • Intervention upon reception of alarm signal
  • Determining the cause of an alarm
  • Notifying emergency services for further intervention (police, firefighters, ER)
  • Notifying users on the alarm at the secured facility
  • Undertaking urgent actions until the arrival of emergency services and/or user
  • Notifying the user on other unexpected occurrences at the secured facility

The benefits of supervising the technical regularity of the alarm system

  • Supervision of the technical regularity of the anti-theft system (alarm center, on-call operators at any given moment proof the regularity of user’s alarm system, thus minimizing the possibility of loss of security at a facility, which can happen if the alarm is not connected to the alarm center)
  • Supervision of telecommunication lines which connect the user’s alarm to the alarm center

The benefits of additional uses

  • Supervision of engaged/disengaged security (notifying the user on the disengagement of the anti-theft system, so as not to leave the facility unsecured overnight)
  • Supervision of unauthorized entry into/exit out of the secured facility outside of working hours
  • Monthly occurrence report (supervision of employee arrival/departure and using the said report for other purposes)

The prerequisite of protecting a property using a connection to the alarm center and carrying out alarm interventions is the existence of an alarm system and a landline or a mobile phone line (a pre-paid GSM card), that is, the Internet.


Upon reception of an alarm activated by the user’s technical security system, the alarm center operator dispatches an intervention guard. 
If the alarm was triggered by the user by mistake and deactivated within 2 minutes by persons authorized by the user by making a call to the alarm center based on the prearranged procedure (deactivation password), the intervention is cancelled.
An intervention guard is dispatched to user’s facility. He carries out an external visual inspection of the spaces that can be accessed safely. He will also conduct an internal inspection of the spaces he can enter using the keys previously given to him by the user to determine the cause of the alarm.
During and upon the completed intervention, the guard will contact the alarm center operator, after which the latter will inform the user about the alarm event. The operator will then guide the user through the required procedures and, if needed, inform the emergency services in a timely manner.
Upon completion of the intervention, the head of the alarm center compiles a written report, continuing the correspondence with the service user.


The fundamental aspect of engaging a security company is risk awareness. Users that have had negative experiences with break-ins and such are aware of the risk which presupposes that engaging a security company cannot only be seen as a cost.

Potential users, who have not used security services, are less aware of that risk. For that reason, below are some facts about being connected to the alarm center and user’s subsequent actions.

1) Break-in prevention – a facility that is connected to the alarm center has in its spaces built-in technical security elements (sensors, alarm sirens, etc.) that are clearly visible to a potential burglar, as well as stickers placed at the entrance to the facility that serve as a warning.

When a potential burglar sees that a facility is secured and if his intention to break in is not related to any facility, his first reaction is to attempt burglary at another facility that is unsecured.

2) Damage minimization – if despite all the noticeable markings and warnings about security, a burglar proceeds with the break-in, alarm systems are activated. The deafening alarm siren will make it difficult for the burglar to proceed. Apart from the siren, the alarm is also sent to the alarm system of the security agent. These discomforting situations will lead to a reduction in property damage.

3) False alarm – the alarm system can be activated even when the cause is not a break-in. For instance, if a window is left open that enables air to stream, the alarm sensor can be activated.

Similarly, the alarm can be activated by air-conditioning, as well as animal movement (dogs, cards, mice, etc.). In such cases, especially at night, alarm center operator dispatches an intervention group but upon identifying the false alarm, the intervention is cancelled, and the user notified. With the security agent responding to the false alarm, the client does not need to arrive at the facility.

4) Receiving the alarm signal on the phone – an alarm system user has the option to receive alarm signals via a phone, without using the security agent’s alarm system. Such alarm system usage can be a cause for potential danger and inconvenience, which is why we recommend an alarm center. The reasons are twofold:

A) In-person visit to the alarmed facility – in case an alarm is triggered at night, the user must arrive at the facility and check what triggered the alarm, which presents a risk

B) Encountering the perpetrator – in case of a real break-in, there is a possibility the user might catch the burglar in the act of breaking in, which creates a risky situation that cannot predict burglar behavior and can lead to undesired consequences.

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