Business facilities

Business facilities

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Business facilities

Business facilities where one or several companies carry out their activities, whether as lessors or lessees, need a security guard for several reasons.

Some of the basic activities that security guards undertake:

  • Surveillance of movement of workers and visitors within the business facility
  • Surveillance of the movement of vehicles and goods within the business facility
  • Regulation and supervision of entry/exit of vehicles from garage spaces
  • Compiling various types of essential reports
  • Conducting inspects
  • Eliminating dangers to workers working at the facility
  • Preventing theft and property damage
  • Preventing other harmful occurrences by monitoring technical systems such as burglary detector, fire alarms, gas leakage, floods, etc.
  • Carrying out other operational tasks needed for the operation of business facility
  • Cooperating with other maintenance services, such as sanitation, technical maintenance, and others

The scope of activities of licensed security officers also includes handling disorderly persons.

Based on the law, security officers are authorized to:

  • Check a person’s identity
  • Inspect a person, vehicle or items
  • Give warnings and instructions
  • Use force
  • Temporary restrict movement
  • Restricting space

Some of the above-mentioned authorizations are used daily, such as ID check or inspections, because they are an integral part of the internal protocol of entry/exit into the business facility.

Not so common are handing out warnings and instructions in situations when a person engages is disorderly behavior and thus poses a danger to himself/herself, others, or property. Other authorizations, such as movement restrictions and use of force are only used in extreme cases, if other actions do not achieve the goal.

In case of criminal behavior and misdemeanors that require a police intervention, the security guard is authorized to restrict the space.

Standard facility protection is supplemented by inspections of intervention crews, surveillance by the operational crew, and technical protection system. Apart from that, we are at all times prepared to promptly respond to user demands, even when this refers to substituting protection service agents that are on sick leave or vacation.

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