Video Surveillance System


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Based on user needs and after checking the facility and the state it is in, we can offer to install a video surveillance system.

By implementing video surveillance, we can control the facility’s surrounding. By integrating it into the anti-theft system and connecting it to the alarm center, we raise security to the highest level, thus minimizing the possibility of a break-in.

The integration of video surveillance and other forms of technical security (alarm system) and connecting it to the alarm center, we ensure optimal protection and thereby minimize the potential threat to the protected facility.


People and assets can be protected using a video surveillance center. By using the built-in surveillance, we monitor and supervise the protected facility and make timely reactions to any kind of threat.

We are also ready to implement a professional video surveillance system that considers actual user needs and uses the latest technology.


Additional surveillance services also include occasional inspections of the secured facility, based on a predetermined schedule that takes into consideration needs and risk.

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