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To ensure a thorough and individual approach to providing private protection, the first step is to draw up a jeopardy estimation that defines the actual level of risk of jeopardizing people or property.

Experts with a years-long experience in private protection devise a document that entails the needs of the user for private protection.

Steps in outlining jeopardy estimation that are integral part of this document:


An authorized employee of Partner Zaštita arrives at user’s facility for a detailed insight into how the facility operates.

The facility’s micro and macro location are recorded, as are existing protection measures (mechanical and technical), protection against other jeopardies (fire, flood, gas leakage, etc.), protocols and procedures of operation of all services that are part of the facility (sanitation, security, maintenance), as well as all other information related to the security of the facility. Visual specification of all key positions within and around the facility is drawn up.

Furthermore, the level of risk is defined in terms of the value of assets within the facility and the records of previous harmful occurrences and how they were resolved.


We define the type, purpose, size and appearance of the facility and its construction properties, the location, the surroundings, as well as the number and type of permanent/temporary users. How the facility operates is also important, as we the type of equipment, items, and documents that are kept there. The estimation also defines risk of fire, flood, disasters, crime, terrorism, explosion (gas), and harmful occurrences such as burglary and theft.


This document outlines all the advantages and disadvantages of carrying out security measures at the facility, taking into consideration the nooks and crannies of how the facility operates. This outlines the shortcomings, such as insufficient video surveillance coverage or the protocol of checking a vehicle entering the premises, etc.

On the other hand, upsides of implementing security measures are also considered and kept.


The user is then proposed one or several security models, depending on the level of protection. With our counselling and professional guidance and in accordance with user’s abilities, a decision is made on setting up a model of securing the facility. The model is then implemented and serves as basis for providing private security services.


Annexed to the threat estimation document are the sketch of the secured facility which includes main units, parameters for adopting house rules (unless previously defined), examples of records of all kinds, such as:

1. A record of key usage
2. A record of vehicle entry/exit
3. A record of client entry/exit
4. A record of transferring tasks and duties

After a detailed threat estimation document has been drawn-up, we are familiarized with the needs and methods of securing the user’s property and personnel, which is a prerequisite for providing private protection services at the highest level.

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