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Alarm System

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Alarm System

Security or burglar alarm system is one of the two main systems (along with video monitoring) that aims to prevent threats to property and people in business spaces, offices, storage, practices, hospitality facilities, kiosks, residential apartments, houses, suites, and weekend houses.

The basic elements of an alarm system:

The alarm system is activated in case a secured facility is burgled. A silent alarm option – triggered using a panic button – sends an inaudible signal to the operational crew so that the intervention group and police are dispatched to the location. It comes in both wired and wireless versions.
The alarm system central unit supports a wide range of uses. With right sensors, the burglar alarm can be expanded to support the prevention of other harmful occurrences, such as fire hazards, gas leakages, flood, etc.

Alarm center

The alarm system’s complete functionality is achieved when attached to the alarm center of the security agent, whose operational crew processes signals coming from the secured facility and acts upon them, based on previous arrangement with the alarm system users. In principle, this means that if an alarm is triggered, the crew will dispatch an intervention group and notify the police and the user.

The benefits of connection to the security agent’s alarm center:

The benefits of protection

• Supervision of installed alarm system (24/7)
• Intervention upon reception of alarm
• Determining the cause of alarm
• Notifying emergency services for further intervention (police, firefighters, medical)
• Notifying the user about the alarm triggered at the secured facility
• Undertaking urgent actions prior to the arrival of emergency services and/or the user
• Notifying the user about other unexpected occurrences at the secured facility

The benefits of controlling technical regularities of the alarm system

• Supervision of the regularity of the anti-theft system (alarm center and an on-call operator proof the functionality of user’s alarm system at any given moment, thus minimizing the possibility of losing protection, which can happen if the alarm system is not connected to the alarm center)
• Supervision of telecommunication lines that are used to connect the user’s alarm system to the alarm center

Additional uses

• Supervision of engaged/disengaged protection (notifying the user about the disengagement of the anti-theft system, so as not to leave the facility unprotected at night)
• Supervision of unauthorized entry into the secured facility outside of working hours
• Monthly event report (arrival/departures of employees and using the monthly report data for other purposes)
The prerequisite of securing a property using a connection to the alarm center and carrying out alarm interventions is the existence of an alarm system and a landline or a mobile phone line (a pre-paid GSM card), that is, the Internet.
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