Anti-theft security – Alarm System

Alarm System

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Anti-theft security – Alarm System

The alarm or burglar alarm system is one of the two main systems (in addition to the video surveillance system) that acts preventively against threats to property and people, whether it is a business premises, office, warehouse, doctor’s office, restaurant, kiosk or a private apartment, house, apartment or cottage.

Basic elements of the alarm system

The alarm system is intended for reporting a signal in the event of a burglary in a protected building as well as a silent alarm signal of a raid using the ˝panick˝ button, which enables the user to alert our operatives on duty unnoticed and send an interview group and the police to the scene, and it can be installed in a wired and wireless version.
The central alarm system supports wider possibilities of use, so it is possible to extend the prevention of break-ins and raids, with the help of appropriate sensors, to the prevention of other potential harmful events that may arise from the risk of fire, gas leakage, flooding, etc.

Notification center

The full functionality of the alarm system is achieved by connecting to the notification center of the security company, whose operational duty processes received signals from the protected object and reacts in accordance with the previous agreement with the user, and in principle by sending an intervention group and notifying the police and the user, in case of receiving an alarm signal.

Advantages of connecting to the notification center of the security company:

Advantage of protection

• Supervision of the installed alarm system (continuously 00 - 24 hours)
• Intervention upon receipt of an alarm signal
• Determining the cause of the alarm event
• Notifying the competent emergency services for further intervention (police, firefighters, emergency services)
• Notifying the user about an alarm event at the protected facility
• Undertaking urgent actions until the arrival of competent emergency services and/or users
• User notifications about other extraordinary events at the protected facility

The advantage of checking the technical correctness of the alarm system

• Supervision of the correctness of the anti-burglary system (the notification center system and the operator on duty check the correctness of the user's alarm system at all times, which minimizes the possibility of the object remaining without protection, which is possible if the alarm system is not connected to the notification center)
• Supervision of TK lines through which the user's alarm system is connected to the notification center

The advantage of additional possibilities of use

• Supervision of the activation/deactivation of protection (notifying the user of the failure to activate the anti-burglary system so that the area is not unprotected during the night)
• Supervision of entry into the protected facility outside the facility's opening hours without an entry permit
• Monthly printout of events (possibility of controlling the arrival/departure of employees to work and using data from the monthly printout of events for other purposes)

The prerequisite for property protection through the service of connection to the notification center and intervention after an alarm event is the existence of an alarm system and a telephone fixed or mobile line (GSM card included in the subscription) or the Internet.

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