Private security is the area in which a security company must pay special attention to each client, regardless of whether it is providing physical or technical security, or an integrated approach to securing persons and assets.

By opting for a security company, clients aim to meet their security demands. The security company becomes a part of client’s space in terms of information access, making him/her vulnerable to breaches. Therefore, a highly individual approach is needed when carrying out security services, in which maximum discretion is paramount.

To provide a high-quality security service, client’s trust towards the company to provide the service is essential, as is the security agent’s total dedication and approach to providing private security services.

In legal sense, providing personal security services is regulated by the Act on Personal Security, along with numerous other ordinances.

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We are a company of specialists in private security that together make a highly qualified, hard-working, and ethical collective, able to rise up to the most complex security challenges. We offer quality security solutions.

Our everyday focus on business entrusted to us ensures that we achieve a high quality of service. We place special emphasis on human resources and the advancement of security protocols at secured facilities. To do so, we are in constant correspondence with our clients through scheduled and ad hoc meetings.

With company management having a life-long experience in security, we guarantee high quality and carefree service.

Instead of constantly being focused on the economic growth of the company, we devote our time to existing clients. This way, we have for years achieved the best possible results. Our high level of motivation, knowledge, experience, and detailed approach to entrusted tasks make us recognizable among our many users, most of which are leading companies in their fields.

Our approach ensures top-quality service in the long run.


We hold the approval of the competent authority (Ministry of the Interior), based on which we carry out private security activities.

Private Security Act bounds us to provide services solely based on a written agreement with a service user. The protection of properties and movables is agreed upon only with the legal owner of said assets.

We are authorized to provide private security services within and around the secured facility, around the protected person and the public, and other services within the security perimeter. Exceptionally, measures that a security officer can take within a perimeter may also be used beyond the perimeter if an officer notices unlawful actions that endanger the safety of the protected asset.

Our workers go through a mandatory annual test of abilities – short firearm targeting.

In accordance with legal provisions, we have a liability insurance in private security activities, taken out at a renowned insurer.

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