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We provide physical protection against various types of threat – based on the threat level determined by the protected person. The job is carried out by bodyguards.

Specially trained and equipped for high-risk situations, our guards are discreetly dressed. With the help of our operational and intervention crew, they are ready to protect the endangered person against all types of threats.

Physical and mental readiness of our bodyguards is of utmost importance for conducting high-risk services. Partner Zaštita places particular emphasis on continuous development and training of its bodyguards so that they are read to rise of to entrusted challenges.

A bodyguard protecting a person may carry a short firearm. He can also have a defined period of securing and transporting the protected person. A bodyguard is at the distance from the protected person that was previously estimated to suffice for a timely reaction in case of a threat.

It is essential that bodyguards make accurate estimates regarding the surroundings of the person they protect.

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